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Hoping To Be Moving House Before Christmas?

Thu 20 Jul 2023

Hoping To Be Moving House Before Christmas?

At this time of year, it is probable that you haven’t given Christmas a single thought. Thankfully, all the prep and planning that go into making it a great day for yourself and the family are still far in the future. Well, almost all… If you are hoping to be moving house before Christmas, it’s time to get busy!

When Should You List Your Property?

To be in before Christmas, you need to start the steps towards getting your property listed today! In previous years, you might have had a bit more time to play with but this year things are seemingly taking longer. This is due to the fact that the average conveyancing time has risen significantly. This process used to take about three months, but currently, it’s taking between four and five.

Conveyancing is the process of legally transferring home ownership from one person to another. It begins when an offer is accepted and ends when the keys are handed over to the buyer. Of course, there is lots to do before you even get to the point of accepting an offer, hence why there is no time to waste! If you are hoping to be moving house before Christmas we strongly suggest you book your valuation now!

After we have completed your valuation we will be able to start working on marketing your property. We have a number of marketing methods both on and offline, and you can learn more about these on our website. Thankfully, our tried and tested marketing methods are highly effective, meaning that you will have buyers making offers in no time!

Our Top Tips When Moving House 

With our expert marketing, you may find yourself ready to accept an offer even sooner than you thought. Therefore, we thought we’d give you a few tips for nearer to moving day:

  • Check paintwork - You’d be surprised at the difference it could make. It is estimated that a fresh coat of paint throughout a property can boost its value.

  • It’s in the details - When attempting to sell your property, visual impact is everything. Leave a positive lasting impression on potential buyers through even the smallest of touches, like mowing your lawns, dusting and wiping down your surfaces. This will help your listing photography to shine through as well!

  • Don’t forget above the cupboards - Cleaning and clearing up high is often overlooked by hopeful sellers, which could put some picky buyers off or, at the very least, have you leaving important items behind as you move.

  • Ask ehB to pay you a visit to advise what little things will make a difference when selling your house.

These tips will help to keep the process of moving house as smooth as possible!

With ehB You Will Be Moving House Before Christmas!

By getting in touch with us today, we can help to get your current house sold so you can be in the next one by Christmas! 

Demand remains particularly high in this area and there simply aren’t enough new properties coming on the market to cover it! This means that sellers in Leamington Spa are in an excellent position. Don’t forget that many potential buyers will also be keeping an eye on the calendar and realising that they want to get the keys before Christmas, they need to get looking right away. The clock is ticking!

If you have any initial questions about moving house or if you’re ready to get the ball rolling, give our friendly staff a call on 01926 881 144. 

To get to know us a bit more, make sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn!

"Many thanks to you all for the successful campaign . Your patience & support appreciated. All the best Brian Bannister "
Mr B Bannister

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